Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dream Pie

I cannot believe my eyes when I passed by Mcdonald's today after I dropped off packages at the post office. They had this big poster of this pretty looking pie with sprinkles galore! And then when I read what filling it had, I was unstoppable. I bought $3 worth... 6 pies in all! How cheap right? And oh my, they are so yummy! The custard filling is divine! And the sprinkles too! I am in love! I ate two today! I'm so bad. I call this the happy pie! It makes me sooo happy. Try it now!

Please, please, come back early morning tomorrow for the big reveal of my secret project! See you then.


kristin marie said...


I usually hate mcdonalds! but! I tried this and it tastes like a homemade cake♥




Chickything said...

I know! It's sooo yummy! I keep thinking about it every day! I'll get some tomorrow. I hope they never get rid of it even after the holidays!