Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch trip

I know this post is late. But better late then never right? This Halloween has been the best yet that we've ever had. The weather was perfect, unlike last year's heat wave. Here's our pumpkin patch trip, I thought that you might want to see.
The cutest little bandit ever!
He loved this radio flyer so much!
And we all loved this giant slide!, I can't believe I did too!
We have no photos in our costumes. Unfortunately! I have no alibis for it when the whole time I had my camera around my neck that people thought I was dressed up as a photographer! when in fact I was dressed up as a Japanese high school student with short plaid skirt, tights, boots, white shirt and plaid neck tie. But, my Mister was able to take a photo of this little guy...
who dressed up as the boxing champ, Manny 'pacman' Pacquiao. For all those who hasn't heard of him, he is the ultimate boxing champ from the Philippines!
I hope you guys had a blast! Let's do it all over again next year, but even better! Shall we?

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