Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happiness is a choice

Did you know that if you talk to children and spend a lot of time with them, you would feel a lot lighter, younger and happier? Forget the undone beds, the messy bedrooms and the unfinished chores. Forgive them for being imperfect because the truth is, we grown ups are imperfect ourselves. Lower our expectations of them for once and just, hang out, bond, spend quality time together and you would realize how good life really is. 

Sometimes we have to see life through a child's eyes and not take things too seriously and we will feel so, so much less stressed about everything that is going on around us.
No worries, no fears, no hate, no negative feelings, just love, pure love that these children can teach us and lend us once in a while. 
Why do we hate anyway? Why do we bash on our neighbors or criticize? Why do we have so much expectations from other people and if they don't measure up to it, we crucify them? Why do we tend to look for what's wrong/mistakes rather than what's good and what's right? Why do we keep records of wrongs and not keep records of the good things they have done for us? Why are we so quick to judge and to blame?

Why do we have so much hate in our hearts (even if we don't admit it even to ourselves)? Why can't we forgive? And yet we ask to be forgiven? Why can't we be pure hearted, filled with happiness and love for life like children once in a while? if not everyday? Why can't we just live in joy and peace? Why do we choose the other crooked, bumpy path when there's a smoother path to walk on? I have no answers or explanations to these questions but I do have a suggestion for you (and for myself)...
Choose to be happy. No matter what circumstances you are on. Just be happy. Happiness is a choice, just like forgiveness and love.
Most of the time, we think that we are so much better than children but are we really? Sometimes, we can learn a lot from them too.
Live, love, laugh and be merry.
Happy Thanksgiving week!

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