Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas starts early this year

Actually, it starts  early every year. In my home country, we start decorating for Christmas on September and we take down the decors around a week after New Year's. We probably celebrate the longest Christmas in the whole entire world.
Here, I usually decorate early November. This year though, we sort of did it a bit later than usual.

Here's how my house looks like. There is a lot of more work to be done. I want the whole house to be decorated.
My kids used to have a lot of snow globes but the shelves that they were on fell and they all broke. Here are two of the survivors.
Our tree had been the same for almost 4 Christmases. I love the muted colors, very minimalistic.Colorful trees sometimes overwhelms me.

I made a pompom garland out of fabric. I wanted to fill the house with this garland but it takes way too long to make them.

Have you decorated yet? I would love to see!

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