Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Bash

We had so much fun yesterday with the kids! First, we spent the day in school for their Fall Festival. We had cotton candy, lots of sweets, popcorn, nachos and more!

Our Marshmallow lollipops were the first ones to go! I will show them next time!

Getting a dragon tattoo

two spidermans!
After the Fall Fest, we walked with about 14 kids and went home to this...

My cupcakes!
Everyone loved the cupcakes. These are huge cupcakes because I used muffin liners. I used cotton candy for the spiderweb.  One mom said that they were the best cupcakes she's ever had. It makes my heart super happy!
Chips in a cauldron

Smores lounge
These roasted marshmallows were awesome!

This little guy had a blast

watching a scary movie
And then my Mr. played some really loud music and they danced the night away!
I do this every year for my kids and their friends. It makes me happy when these kids are happy. I know that these things that they experience when they're young will forever be in them even years from now.

They kept thanking me and their smiles were priceless. It's worth every pain in my body that night and the ginormous cleaning up I have to do today.
Happy Halloween everyone!!! Be safe!

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