Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forest Secrets

Once upon a midnight dreary
Two forbidden lovers chase the shadows
and hid behind the withering trees.
They whispered their secrets, fears and dreams
They yearned for freedom and to love without defeat.
Why they cannot control their destiny is beyond
what they can ever ponder.
Too many questions without any answers.
They held hands like there was no tomorrow.
They stared at each other's eyes like there was no sorrow.
The night sang a song they will never forget.
And they stood up, held hands and they danced...
And danced...
And danced.
They were silent
but somehow they knew what the other was thinking
They smiled and then they ran into the dark and was never found again.

The trees were the sole witness
to a love that will never ever end.

Poem by Nina C.

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