Monday, October 18, 2010

Born To Rock!

My son at 3 years old. (He just turned 3 last month) is just amazing. And no, I am not saying that because he's my son. If this was my neighbor's son, I would say the same thing! He started reading at 2 years old. He started playing Nick Jr. games at 2 (probably even earlier). He could turn on the computer, go to his favorite websites and play games or watch
Nick Jr. music videos on youtube, all by himself. He loves music. And he plays his guitar like a rockstar! Style, attitude and all!

Tonight, we saw him in front of the mirror, doing this... with sunglasses and hat which he wore himself. He was too busy doing what he was doing as I snapped photos at his reflection on the mirror.

(It would have been a perfect photo if not for the mismatched pj's, blame his mama for that!)

And then after strutting his stuff, we saw him on the bed. Blanket on him, guitar in arms... Fast asleep.

Goodnight Rockstar! Don't worry you will get to show the world what you got when you grow up.

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