Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am grateful

Today we had free ice cream sundae at my daughter's school. That should be celebrated because it's nice to know that some good things are still free!
This morning, we all woke up late.I usually wake up at 6:00 am but this morning I woke up at 7:30! And of course, everyone else in the house woke up after I did. So can you imagine how we were all scrambling and running here and there! So, I've decided to help the kids get ready which I almost never do. I rarely go to their room in the mornings bec. I have breakfast duties. But today I did, so when they all left, I decided to clean up a bit. I cleaned the bed and the desk and I put things away.And oh my, I jumped off of where I was standing and onto the bed in extreme pain and was in utter shock when I realized I had touched the metal part of the curling iron while it was plugged! My daughter who loved curling her hair before going to school left it plugged in! Instead of cussing my brains out like I would normally do, worst case scenario flashed before my eyes and I just sat there thanking God that our house didn't burn down. See, I usually sleep after everyone leaves. And my son and I usually wake up sometimes as late as 1pm! So can you imagine if I never saw the curling iron and was left plugged for hours?
Guess what, no one is ever curling their hair except probably on my big wedding day!
I'm glad we still have a house and everyone's okay except for my blisters that would only remind me how awesome it is to have a home.

Ever since my son is around 1 and a half, he would pick up flowers and give them to me. I can no longer count all the flowers he had given me. I wish I had kept them all. Today he gave me another one and I had an idea. I will press them in a book and write down when and where he had picked them.
I can't wait to start this very special project!

My kids are very independent. And I am very proud that I have taught them how to tend for themselves. We have a big family and it would be so difficult if they were all dependent on me. I would go insane! Just a few hours ago, I was laying on the bed not feeling up to par and they made beef sliders for me with all the fixings! My 11 year old daughter cooked the patties and my older kids (14 year old twins) helped out making the burgers and feeding the baby.

We have the most perfect dog! He is so smart, sweet and very obedient. Except for the few times in a day that he would run out and pretend that he doesn't hear us calling him when he's gallivanting outside in the street! He's the youngest in the family... We are trying to be very understanding, specially when I run out with my 'bedtime attire' for all the world to see!

I have so much to be thankful for, I can go on forever! But here's a few and I hope I inspire you to look at your own life and see what you're thankful for.

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