Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to Chickything {the house of pretties}

Yes, my pretties. The shop is now officially open. Please be patient as the images load. The images will load faster if you click 'refresh' or 'reload' once.

 I will be adding more stuff so please check back often.

All perfumes has a one of a kind design, designs won't be replicated again.


Pattie said...

Oh boy! I love shop openings :D
Congratulations to you for getting it off the ground, now off to take a peek!!

Sensible Obsessions said...

Congratulations on your shop opening! It's all so lovely~♥

Chickything said...

Thanks Pattie and Sensible Obsessions :)

Alely L. said...

congrats on the opening of your shop! it looks great!

Chickything said...

Thank you!