Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend recap

Our weekend was filled with new beginnings, good food, love and other unforgettable moments.
I finally got married this weekend. It was a very private ceremony with me, my mr. a witness and our pastor. It felt like we eloped. It was a spiritual ceremony and no one knew except for a handful of people.
There were no photos. No celebration. All we wanted was to have a blessed union. BUT... of course, no lady can ever live a life without a beautiful wedding she had always fantasized ever since she was a little girl. So the wedding is set next year on our first wedding anniversary. When we can invite everyone and get married again with the whole shebang! So I have one year to prepare the wedding of my dreams! I'm so excited.

Yes, people call me Ninja. The "congratulations' got ruined when the box was closed.

My cousin and I shopped for sweets today. We were in the mood for lots of sugar! Plus, I felt like I deserved it. She bought a huge tiramisu cake for me and my Mister, complete with a beautiful message written on the box. And here are some of the boxes and boxes of sweets we bought today. I think we over did it but I forgive myself.
photo taken by me
photo taken by me
photo taken by me
photo taken by me

photo taken by me

photo taken by me

Last Saturday, my Mr. and I went to Little Tokyo and we ate at our uber favorite restaurant,

shopped for Japanese chocolates and we were entered to a dart game (for every $10 purchase) and my mister won a japanese chocolate snack and this carbonated drink in the most intriguing packaging.

When you open it a glass ball drops and stays there on that spot for some reason. for what? I don't know but it's fun.

*All images are taken by me.Please link back to my blog if you use any of the images on my blog. Thanks!


kristin marie said...

aww i live literally two min away from Little Tokyo two stop from the Gold Line ;)

I have always wanted to visit the farmers market I heard its awesome :)

PS i have to try that restaurant ! :D

love, kristin

Chickything said...

Oh you should try! Some are really spicy but I love the soboro gohan, this bowl of ground meat and rice. Make sure you ask for some 'sweet sauce' and they would know what it is. It's good with absolutely everything they have.