Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Magnolia!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that Magnolia Bakery has opened a branch in L.A. Unbelievable! I never heard that they were even planning to open one. And now, here it is in all it's cupcake glory! It is finally open for business and I can't wait to go in there and have a taste of the cupcake that started all the cupcake mania!

via Mondette

via google
via Mondette
(all other images are from google, If you own any of the photos please let me know)

Has anyone tried their cupcakes from either the NYC or t
he L.A. branch? Please share your thoughts on the comment section!
Ooh, I can't wait!


Erica Leigh said...

oh my gosh!!
another bakery i need to
add to my list ^_^

everything looks amazing!


Chickything said...

I'm checking it out on Saturday! So excited to finally go to the bakery that started all this cupcake craziness!!!