Friday, August 13, 2010

Movie Friday

I've always, always loved Britanny Murphy. Her character in 'Uptown Girls' was one of the inspirations for CHICKYTHING. I cried when she passed away. It still makes me sad even now. Last week, my kids and I watched her film called 'The Ramen Girl'. And my kids and I loved it so much! It reminded me of Karate Kid but instead of Kung fu being taught, it was how to make Ramen.
Britanny is such a refreshing sight. I really love her in her light-hearted films. I'm sure you would enjoy her character in this film. And you can watch it with your kids or girlfriends.
This movie made me fall in love with Japan all the more. Their artistry in food is just unbelievable. I will never, ever get tired of Japanese cuisine.
By the way, enjoy this movie with some ramen. We were all desperate for some ramen after seeing this film and it was way too late in the night to find any nearby.

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