Thursday, August 19, 2010


One of my dream destinations is Portland, Oregon. Some of you might say, "why not go now?" Well, having a big family like ours, even watching a movie happens rarely. Specially if no one can stay with the kids. But I am very optimistic. Lately, my Mr. and I can now leave the house for an hour or two, now that the twins are 14 years old and they can watch their siblings BUT a few times a week, I stay with 5 kids (I have four) because my sister works and her daughter stays with us so that means less time to get away because I can't leave her with my kids.

So now, I am daydreaming for that day I can finally pack up and leave with my mr. and just drive, drive away...
My goal is to do this within the next 6 months! A girl can always dream right?

I love boutique hotels. Although our house looks like one, I still enjoy checking in hotels like it. I want to stay in ACE HOTEL in Portland. Look how cool it is...
I am in love with this mural (and I'm not even fond of cats) and the vintage sofa is just to die for!
So cozy
Well, someday, I'll see you Mr. Portland! And I know I'll fall in love with you all the more.
How about you? Where do you want to go right now, if you can?

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