Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Garden

I haven't been blogging lately. We are so busy prettifying the house. We started with the front lawn. I've trimmed off weeds and added mulch. What a difference mulch makes. How I wish the red color stays but they never do. I love the way everything looks like now though. And for some reason, when everything is clean and organized, you just feel more energized.

I love hanging out there with a glass of iced tea and catching up on blogs. Have a Happy Thursday everyone!


Alely L. said...

thanks for reminding me : ). we need to get working on our yard. right now it's a huge weed mess! however, the humid weather we have here really discourages me from getting out there. glad you were able to do yours and it always does feel good at the end!

Chickything said...

I understand. I waited for the weather to cool up a bit and that's when I did it. Never, ever do it when it's scorching hot outside, so not worth it.