Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food-filled weekend

Last weekend at 3 in the morning, my mister and I were driving around korea town for around one hour.
We finally settled on this bright looking space that has a Korean name so i couldn't share, sorry. There were only a few things on the menu and we wanted to leave because they only had 5 kinds of noodle soups and one kind of dimsum. But we stayed and gave it a shot.

The food was awesome! The soup was amazing and the noodles tasted like it was handmade. It was like old fashioned Korean cooking and not American Korean fusion we were so used to.

Early that morning after my twin's auditioned for an acting firm and got accepted right there and then! Woohoo! That deserves another post. We went to this diner called BIG BOY in Pasadena. I had Chili burger spaghetti and it was awesome!
(this big boy image via yelp)

This place is really good for kids!
My son had a teddy bear shaped waffle! And not only was it cute but yummy too!
My mister had a 2 patty burger and he said it was awesome too!
 So make sure you try the place out and the servers there are very friendly.

Bob's Big Boy
899 E Del Mar Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91106
Neighborhood: Pasadena


PetSugar said...

i hadn't mentioned that THE PERFUMES ARE UP! i posted them yesterday night :)

Alely L. said...

congrats to your twins! enjoying all the yumminess you post on your blog!