Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in the sun

Our Summer is full of beach trips and fun in the sun. As a result, I am now nursing a bad sun burn on my back. Boohoo. But it's totally worth it.We went to Soak City in Orange County, it's our little Summer family tradition.

We stayed from the time it opened until closing time. My kids loved it. My mom, my sister, my mister and I enjoyed ourselves too just like little kids.

My 3 daughters tried all the gigantic water slides. See how scary!
I always order this brownie, make sure you try it when you visit.
The burgers weren't bad either but super overpriced. We ordered online and saved a little but $64 (not including gratuity and tax) for 4 burgers,4 hotdogs, 8 chips, 8 cans of soda is just crazy don't you think? But outside food is not allowed, so that left us no choice.

My son River enjoyed the whole experience the most. It's his third visit here, the first time was when he was still in my tummy.

We fed the ducks before we left. Will be there again next year!
After the trip, we drove straight to our new favorite Chinese restaurant.

We keep coming back for the 99 cents a pound lobster. This restaurant is just unbelievable. Super yummy and yet crazy cheap. The place is really fancy with a fast food price. The servings are huge too.
We ordered walnut spare ribs, house fried noodles, 4 pounds buttered lobster,garlic pork chop,2 pots of rice, all for $44.
And they give out free sweet soup for everyone (bean soup with cocoa, really good) after each meal and we have left overs good for another meal. Yum.


PetSugar said...

ah! whats the name of the chinese restaurant?

Chickything said...

It's called 'Blue Ocean' in Alhambra. Are you from around Los Angeles Petsugar?