Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snapshots from my week

I have been too busy lately.

Watching this.

Yes, the L word! I'm 2 years late and I had to catch up. I saw seasons 2-5 all in 3 days! Yes, that meant 4 hours of sleep and absolutely no chores. I mean, almost no chores. I love the show and too bad it's already over. I didn't really watch all the sex scenes because it can be a bit too much but the plots are awesome, except for season 5 where I think they changed the writers from the previous seasons. Season 5 was torture, not really exciting.
I love Shane! Does anybody here like the show? Who was your favorite character?
I am still waiting for Season 6 from Netflix since it wasn't included in their streaming. Bummer.

By the way I saw this Zac Posen dress for Target. Loved it but not really into the very red color.The black ones were all sold.This was on sale for $55!

We also had this super yummy pancakes with chocolate and bavarian filling. I always forget what they're called.

still trying to get used to the dog's new look. It's like having a stranger dog in the house.
and I can't stop staring at this guy who has recently learned a few tricks.
Like pretending he got hurt and would walk while limping so I can kiss his knee. And when he tries to resist my kisses and laughs as he moves his face away from me and runs away screaming and laughing.

I love him more and more each day.

How was your week?

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