Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes i want to do so much that I end up doing nothing.

Things I enjoy.Places I love.Things that are dear.

  Christmas lights. 

I want them in my house all throughout the year. I feel so happy when I fall asleep with these dreamy lights above my head. Now,  I wonder why they aren't in my room anymore.

Oh yeah, I remember now, my mom thought it was a fire hazard so she hid it in the storage while I was away.

blowing dandelions...
I'm like a kid in the candy store when I see dandelions! I get so excited that I always forget to make a wish before blowing it.
My son loves dandelions too. I wonder if that was hereditary.

blowing bubbles...
I love blowing bubbles! Sometimes I get lost in it and time passes by without me noticing it. Once, when I was still living on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in downtown, I blew bubbles for close to an hour with my head sticking out the window. I filled the whole pool area of the apartment building next to ours. The wind was so calm so the bubbles flew gently and filled the whole place. It was such a dreamy sight. There were hundreds and hundreds of them floating around. I saw a few heads pop out of their window to enjoy ithem with me.

 City lights...

When I had an apartment in the city, I had big windows with no curtains. I love sleeping with the lights off and the only thing that would light up the whole place were the lights from the buildings of the LA skyline. It was so odd that such a busy place can feel so peaceful. The beautiful view kept me awake for hours because I couldn't stop staring at it. It's been years but it's still so vivid in my mind, like it was just yesterday.

Laying down on the grass and looking up at the blue skies...

My whole family loves to do this. I used to do this all the time. Specially on the sand. It's so calming to look at the infinite blue sky. I forgot that I used to do this until I saw my son do it every time he sees grass. It's nice to be reminded of who you are, through your child.

pretending to be a mermaid...

I grew up near the beach. Every morning, before going to school, my dad would take me for a swim. I was so sickly when I was growing up and the doctor said fresh air would help me get better and healthier (plus jars and jars of medications, ugh) I would swim a lot by myself. And I would pretend that I was a mermaid. I did that every time I swam that I almost believed that I was one once.
Blame it on 'Splash'. I loved that movie a little bit too much.

probably my most favorite place. I used to hang out a lot on roof tops. Whenever my apartment has one or even back in the Philippines when I had access to the roof through my window. I would hang out there for hours. Even late at night. Alone. I just loved it so much that rooftops became my very best friend. I've cried there, fell in love there, broke hearts there, laughed there, screamed...

If only you could talk to all the rooftops I've been on. Oh, If only I could talk to them and reminisce.

How about you? what are the things that you love to do? things you love so much? Where do you feel the calmest?
I would love to know a little bit of who you are.

Goodnight for now.


allison said...

Ahh we must be twins! I agree with you about all of these things!! : )

Chickything said...

oh maybe we are!