Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coffee and then some...

Our weekend was so much fun. No thrifting but that was fine with me. I had a great time spending the weekend with my family.

I love the Yoshitomo Nara shirt he is wearing on this photo.I wish they had a bigger size, so I can wear one too.
He loved playing with this mini grand piano. The size is perfect for him.

We visited a lot of shops around our neighborhood. We live in a very Bohemian area (according to wiki) that's why you won't find any big chain stores like Walmart around here.We have lots of small,artsy cafes and brick and mortar shops.

pictures were taken by my trusty Samsung Finesse cell phone. I love it! Better than toting my heavy DSLR.
Photos were taken at Twerps and Swork. And yes, they may sound like one quirky-named company but these are two quirky-named companies. Don't you just love the names they came up with?

How was your weekend? Mind telling me?


PetSugar said...

wow i bet you are the coolest mom on earth. if i had a yoshitomo nara shirt at his age, i'd be famous by now lol just because my coolness would be so remarkable hehe. i really love your kids. it must be so great having such awesome and adorable little ones to come home to.

Chickything said...

Thanks Petsugar, that is a very meaningful compliment from you that I will always hold dear in my heart. Yes, I love them so much, I try to be the mom they can be proud of.I hope they find me adorable and awesome to come home to (since I don't go out without them much).
Thanks again!

PetSugar said...

wow i got teary-eyed reading your response. its crazy. seriously you seem like you'd be the greatest mom ever.

Chickything said...

Oh Petsugar! We just love each other so much!

PetSugar said...

chickything - rofl! hold me. lol you really are the best. :)

Erica Leigh said...

lol, i love weird company names too! looks like a fantastic weekend.

and that mini grand piano is just too cute. :D