Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chic mum

My new website is opening soon. I'm very excited. I've decided not to stick to a theme because I find it very limiting. My theme before was very Marie Antoinette, Lolita-ish, I really loved it but I felt like I couldn't go to any other direction but that and most of the time I felt very uninspired because I felt like I was being forced to stick to one specific thing and for an artist that is very difficult to do. With my new site, I was able to include my artwork, my handmade clothes, vintage amongst other things. But most importantly, I am able to share my love for parties! I have always enjoyed entertaining and organizing different events in my family and I've always heard many good things about my party giveaways and such so I've decided to include them in my new shop! But these aren't the ones you would usually see everywhere. These are exclusive to Chickything and only absolutely, definitely, strictly for cool, chic moms only. Not everyone can appreciate it but I hope that most of you will!

Here is a sneak peek!
These are black pram strollers. Can be used as cupcake toppers or containers for bath salt or potpourri. Or it can be an embellishment for a gift. Lots of possibilities!

I love the color! I wish I’ve thought of this on my baby shower. Specially that I’ve wished of having a pram stroller for my baby. But $900 was a bit too much. 

How about you? What would you do with these cuties?

I hope you love it as much as I do!


Erica Leigh said...

i love these! now i can't wait to have babies (well, you know what i mean. there's just so much cute stuff out there haha).

i'm excited for your new site! it sounds really cool. :D

Anonymous said...

i LOVE those strollers. i collect miniatures and that would add nicely to my collection.

i look forward to your site debut. :)

Chickything said...

Thanks Erica!
Katrina, that is an awesome collection, you should share it on your blog. I would love to see.