Monday, April 19, 2010

A very Japanese weekend

Our weekend was so much fun! On Saturday, we went to our usual vintage hunting. I didn't find many cool things because we were there so late. I did manage to find an old dresser which I'd be using for the party on Saturday.
After the vintage hunting, we went to see some family and drove around an hour to go to the nearest Walmart. We don't have a Walmart nearby. Bummer. We also managed to buy stuff for the wacky tea party. We decided to go all out because soon our twins would be too old for parties. We found giant butterflies and other cool things which I will put on a separate post. It's very Tim Burton.

Then on Sunday, we went to one of my favorite places which is Little Tokyo! And after many years of searching, I finally found Okonomiyaki! Even my Japanese friends don't know this food but ever since a Japanese friend of mine cooked this for me (about 14 years ago!), it never left my mind. She made me some Okonomiyaki and Japanese Curry (which is my most favorite food in the world). Her Okonomiyaki is so much better though. I was quite disappointed with this one. But it's better than nothing at all, really. Luckily, I found some mix at Nijiya market. I will try to make one myself.

We bought so much food! like this one. It's called chocolate cream. It's like Nutella but a lot creamier and more spreadable! I love it!
Lots of these Hello Kitty choco sandwiches. I love these things!

 Oh and Meltyblends!

These little cake snacks. They look so good but I don't really like how they taste.
And a box of this. They are so expensive but so tiny.

Of course we can't leave a Japanese market without these! You should try it. It's so easy and it tastes so good!

I also bought some Japanese magazines. I always fall for the ones with freebies. Always remember, the magazines without the freebies are always better than the ones with freebies! I always forget that!
We just love Kinokuniya Bookstores ( I hope I spelled that right)! Here are some of the things we bought.

We ate at Curry House. Our server was very unfriendly. I asked him if my daughter could have the curry katsu without spice and he rolled his eyes at me and said "Mild IS no spice"
Okay? how the hell am I supposed to know that?!

Food was not bad but I make better curry! I am very hard to please when it comes to food that I can actually make.

Our weekend was awesome! How about yours? I would love to hear about it!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

YUM! i love japanese curry and little japanese candies/snacks! i wish i lived closer to a little tokyo or something!!