Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I want today...

I know it's too soon for this but I just had to post these things.

Look how beautiful these things are. You get all of them! Yes, all of them! for $60.00
found here

and this paint by numbers art. Isn't she beautiful?
found here

and this mushroom/woodland clock!
found here

and these stamps!
found here

Oh well, daydreaming is over! I'm still working on my website. It'll be open soon, I promise!
Meanwhile, please shop here instead.


Angela said...

Thank you so much for including my Paint By Number- I had 5 and I am down to the last 2 now. I think they are so sweet!

I loved looking at your finds a couple of posts below with the full car!! Our car looked like that a couple of weeks ago too!

Such fun!

PetSugar said...

wow the paint by numbers is amazing and the stamps! wow.

Erica Leigh said...

nothing wrong with daydreaming (or window shopping!). hehe. ;)

Anonymous said...

those are stamps? i can hardly believe it -- they're so cute. i wonder what sorts of impressions they make.

Chickything said...

Hi Katrina! I apologize for putting the wrong link! It's fixed now so you can see where to get the stamps.

mama grubbs said...

i love fred flare! i saw the stamps on there a couple months ago.