Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I want this April

Here are a few of the things I want this April, of course my list is endless but here are a few that I want to share with you.

I want a teepee in my son's play area. He loves being under the sheets and I want to do this for him, I know he would love one. I just don't know how to make one but I can always check :)


More vintage tea cups! My twin daughters are having a mad tea party this month for their birthday.

I am addicted to school chairs. I just can't resist the cuteness! I want more! Well, I only have one, so more is just ideal.

I want a vintage chair like this one for my living room.

And I've been wanting TOMS shoes for the longest time. I want the gold or the red. And I want one for my son too. These would be perfect this Spring and Summer, don't you think so? Do you have one? Do you like them?

What do you want this April? Can you share them with me?


Crooked Sister said...

I love those chairs too! I grew up with them but I don't think I've ever seen them in those colors. They were always a boring navy blue or brown.

Erica Leigh said...

there are too many things that i want this spring, hehe. but i do want more floral-printed things like skirts and dresses. and maybe some new headbands!

i love that you collect vintage teacups! i actually wanted to start collecting them too. :D how many do you have so far?


mama grubbs said...

a pair of iron fist zombie flats,90s floral dress,blondie converse high top or low,"fuck off" hair bows,and more hair bows! that is all!

Chickything said...

Hi Crooked sister! I think the colored ones are older. I'm not sure. I love the bright colored ones. I have an orange one and it sure brightens up a space.

Chickything said...

Erica! hi, I haven't counted my teacups yet. I should though. I always try to get the ones that have more flowers on them and with gold trim on the edges or something iridescent but those are harder to find.

Chickything said...

mama grubbs, those things sound fun. I love bows too and I can never seem to have enough!