Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning Day #4

I have been Spring cleaning the whole house, one room at a time. And I am on my 4th day and still not halfway done. I hope to finish everything before the kids go back to school.

Lots of organizing going on and it involves tiny extraterrestials that seemed to be multiplying on their own. I find them all over the house and it always surprises me when I see them in the oddest of places.

I am taking too long organizing my closet, I've filled 4 huge bags of clothes I no longer wear but it seemed like it didn't make any difference with the space. I've also noticed that I mostly have coats and winter clothing and no Spring or Summer clothes. They take a lot of space as you can see. Winter has always been my favorite season but right now it seems like that is changing and I am excited to get some appropriate clothing for this season. I am enjoying the calm, sometimes warm weather and I am not really missing the rain I used to love so much.

I've read somewhere that if you haven't worn a certain piece of clothing for a whole year (or more)then it's time to let it go. I have a hard time letting go of things I don't even use. I'm sentimental like that. I always hold on to things that remind me of something, good or bad. I have to teach myself to learn to let go of these useless things and embrace change.

How about you? Are you the same way? or do you get rid of things as season changes?


Erica Leigh said...

at least you're spring cleaning! i always put off cleaning my room because it makes me super anxious--i HATE getting rid of stuff, just like you. i'm such a pack rat and i keep thinking that i might need everything in the future.

lol, why do you have so many of those little alien guys? ;)


mama grubbs said...

haha the aliens from toy story! i loved them. they have the ones where u squeeze them and all 3 eyes pop out!

Chickything said...

Hi Erica! Those little aliens we got from Disney Store. They had a big jar with about 75 of them inside. And now they are all over the house!

Mama Grubbs, that is so cute. I want those too!