Friday, April 9, 2010

More pretties

Yesterday, I went thrifting again but this time with my sister. I've never thrifted with my sister before and I don't think she is getting the hang of it yet. Well, I know she will, eventually.

I've found the most beautiful tea cups! Some mismatched but it's okay. I love them, anyway.
There were so many but they cost so much, so I had to close my eyes and walk away. But my finds are really beautiful. Here they are!

I don't buy just any tea cups. I like the ones with gold trim and when the tea cups and the saucers are kind of iridescent. I like it when there are dainty flowers on them and when the handle has gold trim and is kind of ornate. I don't really know what these are made of but they are more fragile. I think the tea cups that I go for are English. The tea cups that are mostly white with very tiny flowers on them and those that seems ceramic are ( I think) from Japan. I don't really buy those kind.

These kinds are harder to find which makes the hunt more exciting! I don't know where I'll put these things after the party, I'm thinking of selling them. I'm not really sure yet.

Do you love tea cups as much as I do? What do you collect?


Jennifer said...

Those tea cups are adorable! I love thrifting. The hunt is just as fun as the find. ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, i love them as much and wish i had a place for every single tea cup i've ever wanted to buy from the Salvation Army. omg. you found some really pretty ones. i'm lovin' the lovely green one in the back!

Chickything said...

Jennifer, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I love vintage hunting too! It's my quality time with my mom that I treasure so much.

Chickything said...

Katrina, me too.Right now, I have no permanent place for them. I wasn't really prepared for this new found obsession. Some have landed on my dining table so my kitchen looks like a mad hatter's tea party every day ---just as mad!