Wednesday, April 14, 2010

7 things about me

I have been awarded another blog award! Weehee! What a way to spend my morning!
Thanks Erica Leigh!
In exchange of this beautiful blog award, I have to share 7 things about myself.

please click on image to zoom and read.

And for fun, I've added 7 images of myself that I have never posted here before.

I used to have this piercing but not anymore.

I used to take photos of myself a lot but since baby #4 came along, it was just too difficult to find the time.

Yes I do wear prescription glasses and contacts. I've been wearing them since 4th grade.

I used to be a rock concert promoter/producer. My mister who is in a band always teases me and says that I used to be so cool.

I was 7 months pregnant on this photo. And I regret that I didn't take a full body shot.

So there you go. I hope you liked this post and I hope you don't hate me for all the weird things you've found out about me.

I will try to take more photos of myself so I can post them here. I miss doing that!
(and yes I also find it odd that all my photos seem to be in one angle.)

Have a Happy Wednesday!


PetSugar said...

wow i love you all the more. your facts are so damn funny! i can't even begin to describe how funny and awesome this post is. i must tweet the hell out of it.

Chickything said...

I love you too Pet sugar!
You're the 'awesomest' blogger of all!

PetSugar said...

aww but we can't both be! lol. that was so sweet and made me smile so painfully hard and uncontrollably.

Erica Leigh said...

oh i love all your photos! you look so pretty.

i liked learning about you. #3 is my favorite, i think. that's so funny and random. #5 is too precious. i can't believe #6! lol, hey, being weird is better than being boring.

yes, it's a good thing you still look young! i hope you have some good comebacks for those high schoolers. ;)

you seem like a fun person to be around!!


Chickything said...

Hi Erica! someone asked me If I could elaborate on these 7 things. I might have to do that once I find the time.

Thanks for the wonderful comment! And for saying I'm pretty :)