Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage finds

Last week, as always mom and I went vintage hunting and here are some of my very beautiful finds...

These 2 paintings on handmade paper is really beautiful.
I wish I had bought them all. It breaks my heart that I left some of it there.
It only costs $2.50 each

And these awesome teacups, there were dozens! I only got 2 sets, why oh why? I should have gotten more, it's perfect for my twin girls upcoming tea party themed birthday party!
I love the silver LOVE plate and it's quite heavy too.

Aren't they pretty?

Oh and these apple glass jar! How can you not fall in love?

I love them so. Can't wait for next Saturday!

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вℓoo∂ʏƆαρρʋccɛттo said...

The paper is calling "amate", a tradition in pre-hispanics cultures of Mesoamérica. In Mexico you found did in many colours with differents desings.