Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Emily!

Have you seen this beautiful film
entitled 'The young Victoria' with Emily Blunt?
I recently saw it and it's just so beautiful!
Emily is amazing and stunning!

Oh and the dresses and all the pretty things,
I just wanted to get sucked inside the screen and live there forever!

I just love the film so much, I really have to see it again. And I am even more excited to see it the second time.

Emily Blunt is adorable! I just love her as Young Victoria. She really did look so young and innocent, it's just amazing!

And this Vogue photo shoot is just gorgeous isn't it?

It reminds me of Sofia Coppolla's Marie Antoinette but with a serious twist.

This lemon colored dress is like a little girl's dress but it still takes my breath away.

She's so beautiful!

Oh I can't wait to see it again and drool over her very pretty, pretty self.

1 comment:

Lauren Davis said...

If I was rich and had a castle I'd wear one of these gowns and frolick in my castle all day.