Thursday, February 4, 2010

French macaron love

I've recently posted images that had chocolate macarons and some readers emailed me wanting to know where I got them and you won't believe where I found these to-die-for little things!

So the Mr. and I were doing our regular grocery shopping when my eyes almost popped out when I looked through the frozen section ( I really do think they popped out-literally!)! There it was and I heard church bells and a choir singing "hallelujah'! French Macarons! at Trader Joe's! at Trader Joe's??? Well, fortunately yes! And for $4.99 a dozen, I wanted to buy every stock they had! But I've decided to relax, take a long breath, go home and have a taste.
The verdict later on.

The first macarons that I've ever had were from my sister who lives in Vancouver, BC. There were different flavors and they were very pretty BUT it took one month for it to reach me so sadly it was not up to par. I knew how macarons should taste maybe from my past life so I knew that the crunchy, meringue-like taste of it was not right but I still ate them with much gusto!

Of course, there's Paulette in Beverly Hills and other posh French bakeries around L.A. but I just never got to check them out (maybe I was too busy with cupcakes?) but I've been planning to.
So finding them in Trader Joe's which happens to be 5 minutes away (or less) from our house is just so convenient.

So the verdict... It said on the box that it should be kept frozen. Why? I don't know but I did anyway. I didn't read the part that said that it needed to thaw before eating so I ate it while it was cold and it was yummy! And I ate them like potato chips! Once I popped, I could not stop!

Then I finally read the part that mentioned about thawing it. And I did. And oh my! It was even better! The crunchy part on it's shell plus the chewiness in the middle was just perfection! My heart skipped a beat then it went so fast then my soul left my body for awhile I think. Yes, I died and went to heaven and back! I love it!

Of course, my only comparison is between this and the one month old Canadian macarons but still, I KNOW that these are awesome. I could only imagine how good laduree's macarons are!
And I would probably never wake up when I finally have those! I want them so bad, I even have dreams of it and I always wake up whenever I'm about to take a bite. Darn it!

So anyways, the downside of these Trader Joe macarons... They are a bit small and they only have 2 flavors in a box. Six vanilla and six chocolate. (The vanilla ones are the best!)
I hope they come up with other flavors soon! And I hope they never change the very affordable price tag!

So what are you still doing here? Go and have some! Let me know what you think!


Principessa Roma said...

(Ate) Nina! Haha! Where did your sister get Macarons here in Vancouver? I WANT PINK MACARONS. Now! Hehe. - Roma

Chickything said...

Hi again! Go to Canada. Then just type 'French macarons' on the search bar. All the places where you can find French Macarons near you will pop up. Goodluck! Let me know if you find a cool place ok? So we can feature it.