Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Featuring: Jared Gold

I came across Jared Gold in the Neverending story art exhibit and I looked him up and was just in awe of how amazing his works are! ( I wish I had taken a photo of him but I was utterly intimidated for the first time in my life so I just watched him from afar like a scared puppy.)

It's like a fusion of past and present couture and it's like I had a glimpse of how our children's children will look like years from now. His creations are just genius!
Who else could come up with designing a live hissing cockroach and use it as a brooch? Yes, my pretties! A live cockroach with beautiful crystals on it's back! Would you dare? I think I can do it. (I'm not really scared of cockroaches. As long as it's not a caterpillar brooch, I think i'll be fine)
Aaahhh, so out of this world!

Look how pretty?!

This is him in this photo.

Now I want pink hair, more than I ever did before!

Look how yummy looking his runway shows are!

Oh, love at the right places!

And here is the live cockroach brooch!
Beautiful 'eh?
Read his interview here if you want to know more about Mr. Jared Gold! I am captivated! Are you?