Saturday, January 2, 2010

What a good year it has been

But I am ready for even bigger and better things in store for 2010!

Our New Year's Eve was so different this year. We stayed home in our pj's, no fancy attire. Enjoyed the nice fire in our fireplace and watched movies and countdown performances on tv.

This is how our table looked like with all the fruits and flowers.

And my mom prepared a beautiful dinner all by herself. She made the most perfect turkey, baked sweet potatoes, chow mein noodles,veggie lasagna, sticky rice with chicken, sauteed shrimp and we bought the best red velvet cake we've ever had!

I wish I had taken a better picture. No pictures of family because they didn't want their pictures to be taken.

At midnight, the kids jumped up and down, as part of our tradition. We believe that we grow taller when we jump at the strike of midnight on New Year's. And we were laughing so hard because Story, our dog was jumping with the kids. I guess he wanted to be taller too.

So that was how we spent the New Year's, very simple and yet very beautiful because I was with the most important people in my life. How was your New Year's?

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