Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A dose of pretty

The rain in 'sunny' Los Angeles just won't stop. Though we love rain, too much ain't so pretty.
Our dog is sad because he can't walk out and the baby is not too happy because mom is so lazy on cold weather.

But cold, wet and rainy days mean hot cocoa and cozy moments by the fireplace. I promise to enjoy this before I find myself in scorching heat in the summertime. I am not really a hot weather kind of girl. I love Autumn and cold dry Decembers.

I've been working so hard and my studio is a mess! But it's a very "pretty mess". So I decided to take a few pictures of things around me.

Like these lace flowers. Very pretty.

I just love how all the colors blend like beautiful words in a song.

Sometimes in my dreams, this is what I see and I wake up smiling.

Lots of reds and I didn't even stage this.

I call it beautiful chaos.

Do you see my shop's banner on my blog? Click on it on January 25 and you'll enter the gates of my wonderland.

Yes, my shop opens on that day! Yay! Please join me when I open it's doors.


Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful lace ribbons and I love love all the photos here! woooo can't wait to see your store open:)

Thanks for the lovely comment too~

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as always.
So happy for the opening date!