Saturday, December 5, 2009

My dream couch...

is finally here!!! All my life I've dreamt of having a deep purple sofa! And it has finally found it's way to me!

I am so glad no one searches for 'purple couch' on craigslist or I would not have found this.

It's in perfect condition! No damages and it's very high quality. I love the fringe, the color, the size (we have a very big family with 4 kids and we all fit here). I just love everything about it.
I am in love.

It came from Beverly Hills. I love it that rich people get tired of their stuff and does not care about the money you pay them for their stuff. Because...
It only took me $80 to get this and even get delivered to my door! Unbelievable!

*** By The way the perfume giveaway is still going on right now. See post below. And the winner gets drawn tonight at 10 pm (pacific time) Good luck everyone!


Kaylovesvintage said...

yes, yes....I love it
the color is great, well done

Chickything said...

Thank you!