Monday, December 28, 2009

Love all wrapped up

Oh wow, Christmas is already over?! How fast was that!
My Christmas is quite unforgettable. I was sick! This never happened to me before. I am now feeling better but not completely recovered. If I can do it all over again I would! As I have been waiting for this day for so long and yet I got to spend it laying down on the couch or my bed all day.

But we still enjoyed it. Christmas is still my favorite day of all the year!

Here is the custom made/handmade zebra that we gave our son. We wanted it to be an heirloom piece. Something he could pass on to his own child in the future. There was this old couple we met in a craft show who made woodworks and one of them was a wooden rocking horse. I then asked them to make a zebra for him and sure they did. It is beautifully made, very sturdy and quite different from all the rocking horses you see in toy stores.
Here he is checking out his new ride.

My 10 year old daughter (oh wait she turned 11 yesterday!)surprised me

with this beautiful necklace! She gave me a present all wrapped up with her artwork and I was expecting a handmade ornament that her class used to make all these years. But in it was a pink box with bows on it and inside was a heart necklace that sparkled! I was in awe. I was just sitting there with my mouth open while she stood there smiling at me and enjoying my bewilderment.

and then she blurted "merry christmas mom". She said she got the money from her puppy bank. Oh how thoughtful and sweet and unexpected! She then gave her stepdad a mug that said 'superdad' and he loved it so. She then went to my mom and gave her one too, it was a keychain that said 'grandma spoils me'. Everyone was so happy with their presents while the twins stood in envy. And then she said "oh wait I have something for you guys too!" and my twins teary eyed and all said "you do?". We were so happy as every day of their entire lives was full of bickering and well you know how it goes. She then handed them a beautifully wrapped present and they opened it together. And to all our astonishment... my twins screamed and said "Mama, these are all our stuff!"
She did it again. And it wasn't even April Fool's! She wrapped their own stuff and gave it as a present! The box was filled with their own bracelets and pens. And then said
"I'm sorry, I ran out of money, at least I gave them something".
My mom and I just looked at each other, speechless and then we just bursted out laughing. And everyone started laughing, even the twins.
I just looked at the brighter side of it and realized that they would be talking about this for years until they all grow old.

But of course she didn't escape the consequences of her actions, I made her realize that it wasn't nice to pull that trick on her sisters. She understood and came up with the idea to give our present for her to her sisters.
Problem solved.

Now we are so ready to face the New Year. And I hope that it is filled with wonderful things, more love and good news! How was your Christmas Day?

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