Sunday, December 6, 2009

India by car

Yesterday was so much fun! We got to visit a Holiday Arts and crafts boutique.

And we bought this hand knit duck beanie for my son. He loves it so much!

Then we saw a yard sale full of vintage! I got these woven place mats from India. It reminds me of the stuff you'd find in Anthropologie. They were beautifully done. There was a huge box of them there! I got around a dozen.
Then I saw a whole box of these vintage toys from mattel. All sealed and all. I looked at the date and it said 1985. I could not resist them so I bought a whole big box of them. I think I got 11 boxes.

I also got this golden ring boxes

My daughter took this photo, isn't it amazing? She has a really good eye. I love it.

We drove and drove and drove, while I took photos.

The sky was just amazing, the world is so beautiful. We should always try to look around us and appreciate the wonderful world we live in. Look how beautiful that day was...
We couldn't stop looking up in the sky. My younger daughter said to me "mom, heaven is opening!" It does looked like it.
Can you see the L.A. skyline? Isn't it magical?

Then we went to this Indian restaurant with lots of sweets
These were all new to me but some of it I loved. Like the milk cake! They were divine. So if you happen to be in L.A., you should visit this place (it's quite popular with the locals) in Los Feliz. We also had some bhasmati rice and curry.
I love how Los Angeles is so diverse. You can visit many cultures just by going around the city.


Kaylovesvintage said...

I see you had a good day, love the duck

Chickything said...

Thanks! yes, and the duck was very beautifully made, I think my son loves handmade things just like his mom. :)

TheCluelessCrafter said...

That milk cake looks divine. Know where to get great ones in NYC?

Chickything said...

Hi thecluelesscrafter... I think there's more great places there than here, check out yelp and search for 'Indian Sweets'. You'll find a lot of good ones. :) Enjoy!